What is

Career SUPERDRIVE™ is a refreshing take on career discovery. As you play this one-of-a-kind board game, you will learn more about your intrinsic motivations, your personality, what makes you tick, and what paths you can take in a fun and interactive manner. 

Come play to discover your Self, Story, Situation. At the end of the session, you'll stand to gain more clarity, perspectives and possibilities in your stage of your career. Many who played the game have gained self-insight, generated potential career options and planned next steps to move forward.

What’s in it for you?


About the real world of work and how you can adapt to it  


Career possibilities you’d never imagined

Who you are, what drives you


Your ideas via internal projects,  internships, side hustles.



JUST DO IT (and learn what worked and what didn't for your next step)


Practical next steps to have a career conversation with your manager, prepare for an interview etc.



Get your hands on the game and play it. 



Get access to a real-time skills analysis and go home with a Career Discovery™ guide. 



Take action steps to get closer to what you want in your career! 

Priscilla Su

I had the opportunity to play this game with some friends who are either starting their careers or have been working for a few years already. It was a great way to know each other better, but it also helped us pin point what kinds of experiences and jobs brought happiness and a sense of satisfaction to our lives. This deceptively simple game was a really great tool for us to get to know ourselves better and to then narrow down what kinds of careers would be more suitable. Loved the whole experience!

Chrystal Huang

Surprisingly fun & addictive game which encourages players to reflect and think deeper with fun, indirect prompts. Great as an ice-breaker or to get to know a different side to someone you already know. Allows for different insights/viewpoints and brings open ideas to the table, that one may not think of on their own

Xavier Hi

Amazing Board Game to spark a topic of what will be a good career path for you. A conversation starter and a good networking session during the whole process of playing it. Love the guidance of the facilitators too, very engaging and very effective!



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Why choose

Whether you’re looking for first job, considering a switch or wondering how to stay relevant, career planning can be a lonely, murky and frustrating journey. In this fast-changing world, how might we survive and thrive? 

What if you could gain more clarity of who you are and what drives you? 

With a Discover your Career SUPERDRIVE™ Playshop you can: 

• Role-play potential career scenarios + decisions 

• Uncover what skills are in demand 

• Start building your personal career plan 

Since our launch in September 2017, thousands of people from different walks of life from 18 countries who played Career SUPERDRIVE™ have discovered their Self, Story, Situation and Strategy. Come join us for a session to get unstuck and gain momentum to move forward!

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